The fall of some social networking sites

In recent years online dating websites have evolved into a more friendly kind of website. Instead of looking for dates over the net people call it social networking, social networking websites work by adding to your friends list people who fit your criteria of being interesting. Some websites have people search engines that allow you to look for possible candidates by just choosing the kind of profile you want your new friend to have. These criteria can be narrowed down to age, sex, nationality, interests, major, sometimes even sexual preference. After you’ve found a handful of candidates you send them invites for them to approve your request to be their friends.

It’s been quite a hit for the children of the Information age, people can now expand their friends network without having to leave the comfort of their homes. On the other hand, with the success of social networking websites, some of the reasons for the failure of other social networking websites have been undermined and overlooked. Even though it a great hit to people, the reasons for others failure if not taken seriously could lead to the downfall of other top websites. Here’s a short list of the major reasons why some social networking websites fail.

1. Privacy. One of the most common downfalls of social networking sites is the lack of privacy of the members. Since all of the information of the member can be viewed by another user the security issue not only of its members but the website itself is regularly in jeopardy. Hackers will always be a threat to people on the internet and especially to people who proactively volunteer information that can be considered as confidential. This information when in the wrong hands can lead to serious backlashes. One example is identity theft; if someone was to intercept a meeting or important information that person could pose as the user.

2. Rewards and penalties. One of the most important things to consider when you are applying for membership to a certain group is the “WIIFM” or “What’s in it for me?” In certain cases when we look into the different groups that we could be part of we always take time to consider how it could benefit us. Benefit and reward are important to people because it gives then a sense of appreciation.

Appreciating that they took time to enroll themselves in a service or a product, when people are given due credit for what they do they feel they belong. On the other hand penalties should be imposed to people who have broken special privileges that they have. These two give any organization balance and direction, this reminds people that they are rewarded for what they do and reprimanded for the abuse that they commit.

3. Hidden privileges. It’s important to that we could have all the privileges and capacities of the network from day one.

4. It takes a while. The main reason that we join a social networking website is to stay connected with people we have little or no communication lines with, when a social networking site takes time to update the users profile or the site it’s frustrating because we want information real time.

5. Boxed worlds. Some people calls social networking sites as "walled gardens" and while others call it "isolated paradise." Whatever you want to call it social networking websites lessens real interaction between people. Social networking sites were originally made to renew connections with people that we know and make new friends. It was not meant to be the only world that we spend our lives in.

People who have Facebook and MySpace accounts sometimes forget that the true essence of having a relationship.

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